When you smile, it shows the kinder and healthier version of you! But have you ever wondered why it’s important to take care of your oral health? If not, then it’s time to take your oral health seriously in the new year.


There are tons of articles and information available online, but when it comes to oral health, your dentist can guide you best about your oral hygiene.


Read on for more information.

Why Oral Health Is Important?

According to Mayo Clinic, oral health represents your overall health. So basically, your oral health can give an idea about your well-being.

Oral health is vital because of the following reasons:


  • Not taking care of oral health may cause cardiovascular diseases. It’s better to be on the safe side!
  • Not taking care of oral health can lead to periodontal disease. The disease of the gums can stress you out!
  • You can get cavities and infections if you are not brushing and flossing your teeth properly. The process would be slow, but it can affect your teeth!
  • Your gums could easily irritate when you leave oral hygiene for a long time.
  • The pregnant woman can develop complications as poor oral hygiene can cause a low birth weight of the child.

Many other things can affect the overall health of a person who is not taking care of oral hygiene.

Why Do People Neglect Oral Hygiene?

There could be several reasons as to why people may neglect oral hygiene, such as:


  • If you are a mom, you may not find time to take care of yourself. It’s hard, especially with the newborn and when you don’t get time for yourself. Although it takes a few minutes, it may still feel too much!
  • Some people may not care at all! Whether they brush their teeth or not could be the same thing for them.
  • Some people would avoid brushing their teeth as they are being lazy! It’s a hassle to brush their teeth, so they leave it.
  • A person may not be aware of the consequences of not caring for oral hygiene and thus, may find it unnecessary.


Tips to Keep In Mind for Oral Hygiene


As you are thinking to focus on oral hygiene in the new year, you can keep the following points in mind:


  • Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day. Start slow if you find it hard, but gradually make it a habit. Remember that you are doing yourself a favor. If you take care of your oral hygiene, your future self will thank you.
  • Make an appointment with the dentist if you have any dental issues. There are germs and bacteria in your mouth. You never know what impact it can have on your overall health.
  • Always listen to the recommendations of your dentist. Your dentist knows what’s best for your oral health.
  • Change your toothbrush every three months. However, if the bristles appear different, it’s best to change the toothbrush earlier.
  • Use the right toothbrush. If you are concerned about the use of plastic, you can try using the bamboo toothbrush and see if it helps.
  • Go for dental checkups and take your children for regular dental checkups.
  • Apart from all this, it’s also vital to find a reliable dentist. It would be best to find someone you can easily trust and listen to for oral health.


Remember that your oral health is vital! You need to take care of yourself and also your oral health. Make sure you are trying your best in the new year.



1.Is oral health vital for you?

Your mouth shows a lot about you. Imagine smiling in front of someone, and your teeth are full of plaque and stains. The health of your teeth tells a lot about you. You may find it unnecessary, but the teeth can explain so much about you, which is why oral health is important.


2.What products are vital for oral health?

You can use toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean your mouth and teeth. You can also use the floss and the tongue scraper. Some people may consider water floss. It’s your choice, but the goal here is to keep the mouth clean. Also, ask your dentist to guide you about the products. The dentist can also help you learn the proper brushing technique as you may not be cleaning your teeth the correct way. If there is too much plaque, it’s best to ask your dentist about the brushing techniques suitable for your oral health.


3.What to do if there is a cavity?


If you feel pain or a spot cavity in the mouth, then it’s time to visit your dentist. Don’t fall for DIY or home remedies. Your dentist can guide you better. Dentists know best about your oral health. It’s best to treat the dental issue when it’s in the beginning stage. First, if you take care of oral health, you may not face dental problems, but some could be genetic issues. It’s best to let your dentist do a thorough checkup and guide you about your oral health.


4.What toothbrush is suitable for oral health?

Some people prefer the plastic manual brush, while others opt for the electric ones. If you think about the environment, you may opt for eco-friendly alternatives. For example, you can look into the bamboo toothbrush and see if it helps. Also, you can opt for the electric toothbrush if your dentist recommends that your oral health. It all comes down to what’s best for you and your oral health.


5.Is it important to consider the oral health of kids?

Yes, it would be best to let your kids learn the significance of oral hygiene from an early age. Then, take your kids for regular dental checkups and address the dental issues as soon as possible.


Wrapping It Up

There are many reasons to take care of your oral health in the new year. There are different germs and bacteria in your mouth, and you need to get rid of them to keep your mouth clean. Consult your dentist in case of any dental issues, and don’t forget the regular dental checkups in 2022.