Kids Toothbrush 20PCS/LOT N-amboo Bamboo Super Soft Bristles Manual Toothbrush

Kids Toothbrush 20PCS/LOT N-amboo Bamboo Super Soft Bristles Manual Toothbrush



N-amboo Toothbrush for children ages 2-6

Kids Size: Length 5.5 inch ; Weight 0.23 ounces

Come in recyclable packaging

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Parents shall prepare kids toothbrush for their babies after they are more than 12 months old.When we help babies to brush teeth, we should choose the living room, study, bedroom and other convenient and comfortable, well-lit places.Clear vision can help parents do deep cleaning and protect babies from oral damage. Parents should choose a comfortable and stable posture for baby.When baby grow slightly larger, you can let the baby sitting in a small chair, learning on her mother who brush their teeth.

For children, brushing their teeth is very very important. Their teeth are in the developmental stage, keeping their mouth healthy can lay a foundation for their healthy teeth, but their gums are still very young. When choosing  kids toothbrush, we should be very careful as parents. The kids toothbrush has many types and styles. Some toothbrushes are specified for the deciduous period of deciduous teeth. They are suitable for deciduous teeth, suitable for mixed dentition of milk and permanent teeth, etc. Some also indicate that they are suitable for 3~6 years old, 6~ 9-years old children are used; in addition, there are also brushes that are selected according to the conditions in the child's mouth. So, we must follow the following principles to choose a suitable one for your kids.

How to choose a right toothbrush for your babies?1.Smaller head: the brush head selected for the kids should come with a small head which can flexibly move up and down in the kid's small mouth, so that each small position can be brushed.2.Big handle: the kid's small hand is not yet flexible enough, too thin handle is not convenient for children to grasp.Children would require a brush with a handle they can grip and hold on to with ease.3.Easy to clean: after brushing, the brush must be cleaned in time.If not, there would be a large amount of bacteria remaining on the toothbrush.4.Soft bristles: the flexibility of the general toothbrush is soft, medium and hard. The brush used for your kid must be a soft filament toothbrush, because the kid’s teeth and gums are sensitive and vulnerable.

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