Bamboo Toothbrush Manufacturer Tea Cup

Bamboo Toothbrush Manufacturer Tea Cup


Bamboo Gargle Cup

Biodegradable Material

Bathroom Container

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Have you ever use some kind of bamboo cups in your daily drinks? It's too simple for you to think that we just sell toothbrushes. As a famous bamboo toothbrush manufacturer in China, we try our best to explore the possibilities of Phyllostachys heteroclada. You can find all daily products made of bamboo in our online-store. We have three sizes for these cups.Big, Middle, and Small. You can choose the right size based on your own need. Just imagine the natural smell of the bamboo when you drink coffee, milk, juice, sake, tea or water. Trust me it will be a different experience.

The surface of the cup is very gentle and smooth, so you won't experience the pain of the splinters. The curve of the cup body is easy for you to grip.

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Large, Mid, Small


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