Consider your entire oral hygiene routine – dental floss, mouthwash, and toothpaste. Imagine the quantity of waste we generate only increases.

Fortunately, there are sustainable ways to keep your pearly whites shining. while also reducing the amount of plastic in your medicine cabinets and drawers. We’ve compiled a list of the best sustainable oral care products available. This includes toothpaste tablets, floss, and toothbrushes.


Sustainable toothbrushes.

Here are the top sustainable toothbrushes of 2021.

  1. Brush with Bamboo’s Zero Waste Toothbrushes.


Brush with Bamboo’s adult and kid toothbrushes are from the United States. They are with bristles made of castor bean oil, a percentage that has risen over time as the company has worked to become more sustainable.


Even though the handle is 100 percent biobased, the bristles need to come off with pliers before composting.


The bristles are not certified biodegradable, despite being of bio-based castor bean oil. Although they will biodegrade (after time). it is not recommended that you add them to your home compost.


You can also recycle the bristles using Terracycle or certain local recycling facilities.


The handles are made of organically cultivated wild bamboo.


Brush with Bamboo uses only Moso Bamboo for the handles.  and they are careful of their impact, harvesting less than 1% of the bamboo growing in the vast Chinese bamboo mountain range.


Moso isn’t one of the 42 bamboo species that pandas like to eat, so those of us worried about pandas can brush our teeth with confidence.


Brush with Bamboo was a pioneer in the field of sustainable dental care in 2015.


They claimed to be “the world’s first and only plant-based toothbrush” for years.



  1. EcoRoots’ Zero Waste Toothbrushes


Every year in the United States, one billion plastic toothbrushes are discarded.  EcoRoots hopes to cut this amount with their minimalist sustainable bamboo toothbrush.


These toothbrushes have a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle and are vegan and cruelty-free. It’s also antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial (all of the qualities we want in something we eat!).


The bristles are still comprised of nylon. as are most other sustainable toothbrush choices.


these are BPA-free, non-toxic, and impregnated with charcoal. they are not biodegradable and must be taken from the toothbrush. and disposed of separate from the compostable handle.


  1. The Humble Co.’s Zero Waste Toothbrushes


The Humble Company offers a variety of sustainable toothbrushes for both children and adults.


You can choose between pink, yellow, blue, black, or white bristles when it comes to colour possibilities.


They also employ nylon bristles when it comes to brushes. They’re made of “high-quality” DuPont nylon. This isn’t highly biodegradable and must be removed before composting.


These toothbrushes are certified vegan and cruelty-free, albeit they aren’t totally zero-waste. The bamboo handle is also 100 percent biodegradable and responsibly sourced.


  1. Life Without Plastic’s Toothbrushes


You can buy toothbrushes with Life Without Plastic and then forget about them for a long time.




They include bulk buying options where you may get many adult or child toothbrushes, or a mix of both, also to single and small sets.


As a result, there will be fewer emissions and hassles associated with shipping. They also provide a kit that contains floss and toothpaste, as well as extra sustainable oral care goods.


You might be shocked to learn what’s in these environmentally friendly toothbrush heads… boar hair!


Don’t worry; it’s been disinfected and cleaned completely. This toothbrush is free of PVC, lead, phthalates, and BPAs because it is without plastic.


This makes it the only entirely compostable toothbrush we’re aware of when combined with the Miso bamboo handle.


Top Sustainable floss.


  1.  EcoRoots Floss


One of our favourites is EcoRoots. They have zero-waste vegan dental floss.


The floss is from bamboo fibre and has antibacterial properties such as activated charcoal and organic tea tree oil.


It’s also flavoured with organic peppermint oil, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. Aside from that, there are no artificial flavours or sweeteners.


Throw the product in your compost when you’re done with it!


  1.  KMH Touches Floss Pot Gold


This is another brand that provides some of the greatest sustainable floss available.


KMH’s candelilla wax-coated vegan and zero-waste dental floss are of corn fibre.


A ginger-mint flavour is present in the product. It’s a better bargain than most other options at 164 yards per order. plus it saves transportation emissions.


It comes in a stainless steel jar, which is more resistant to breakage than glass. Non-toxic ink and adhesive are in use to put refills in a compostable cardboard box.


  1.  Dental Lace “Original” Zero Waste Floss


We’re going to give credit where it’s due. Dental Lace was one of the first award-winning sustainable dental floss choices available.


They have a mint-flavoured non-vegan zero waste silk floss that is completely compostable. As well as a vegan bamboo-charcoal floss (which is not zero waste because it contains a bit of polyester).


  1. Georganics Floss


Georganics is one of the most effective zero-waste dental brands available.


Their floss is either vegan or zero waste (and not 100 percent vegan friendly).


Because their vegan charcoal dental floss contains 20% polyester yarn. it isn’t completely compostable.


But, if you want their completely compostable floss, you’ll have to give up the vegan aspect.


Although their regular zero waste silk floss is not vegan, it is cruelty-free. This is because it comes from empty cocoons rather than those that are still occupied by silkworms.


Top sustainable toothpaste.


  1.  Butter Me Up’s Toothpaste


Butter Me Up Organics sells two types of toothpaste. They are whitening and organic activated charcoal as well as a remineralizing powder.


The components, which include baking soda, sea salt, coconut oil, and essential oils, are all organic. Also non-GMO, cruelty-free, and fluoride-free, and has a design to support general mouth health.


While Butter Me Up Organics’ toothpaste is vegan, they also have a few non-vegan items on their shelves.


Oh, and they’re all lovingly made!


One small 2 oz. glass jar should last three months!


  1. Battle Green Remineralizing Tooth Powder


We decided to take a closer look at Battle Green’s fresh, small-batch toothpowder. It comes in glass jars and compostable refill packs.


These have a bentonite clay foundation according to Battle Green. It binds to impurities and toxins around your teeth and gums. It also promotes an alkaline balance to offset the detrimental effects of acidic food and drink.




While dental care is often overlooked, it is vital to our health and immunity.


That’s why it’s critical to keep those pearly whites sparkling.


You should choose sustainable floss or another natural flossing option. It helps in decreasing your use of petroleum-based plastics and hazardous chemicals. It is a great approach to improve your smile’s health (and in turn a healthier planet).


If you haven’t already, make the move to a zero-waste toothbrush and toothpaste. This is a simple zero-waste change that can reduce your plastic waste.