As you likely know, mouthwash is an important oral care product, but is mouthwash safe for kids? Most parents who are concerned about their child’s oral health have asked themselves this question. 

If you walk down the dental care section of most convenience stores you will find bamboo toothbrushes and mouthwash that is made specifically for kids. Even after seeing a mouthwash made for children, you may wonder if it won’t cause harm to your kids. 

This article is going to help you know if mouthwash is safe for children and the right time for kids to start using it.  

Is mouthwash safe for kids? 3 things you should know

According to the ADA (American Dental Association), mouthwash is safe for kids that are above six. So if your little one is above six you can start shopping for a mouthwash that will suit his needs. 

When can my kids start using mouthwash?

Children below 6 years

Dental health experts will never recommend using mouthwash for kids below 6 years for two reasons. The first reason is that, when kids (below 6) are exposed to too much fluoride, they may develop a condition known as Fluorosis. Fluorosis is characterized by a change in the appearance of the teeth (presence of streaks or spots). The second reason is that mouthwash contains ingredients like alcohol that may cause harm to kids younger than 6 especially when they ingest it. Note that kids below 6 years may not be able to effectively spit out mouthwash after using it to rinse their mouth. 

Children above 6 years 

Even if your child is above 6 years, it is still a good idea to ask to talk to your dentist before he starts using mouthwash. It is also important that your kid learns how to swish and spit before buying a mouthwash for him. It is wise that you let your child practice with water before actually giving him mouthwash. 

Which type of mouthwash should I purchase for my kids?

The market is flooded with different types of mouthwash. While adults have the freedom to choose basically any mouthwash they want, kids should only use a certain type of outwash. Children should only use mouthwash that is made specifically for kids. Children’s mouthwash is available in flavors that your kids will love. 

Adults can use mouthwash that contains alcohol, as it can kill bacteria that hide in our gumline and mouth quickly. This mouthwash isn’t safe for kids, as it may affect their system. So before making a purchase making a purchase make sure that it is alcohol-free and is made for kids. 

Is mouthwash safe for kids?- Store your mouthwash properly 

You can keep your kid’s toothbrushes in their room or in your bathroom, but not their mouthwash. It is wise you keep mouthwash out of the reach of your kids. Since mouthwash are have a great flavor, kids may think it is a tasty drink. Parents with kids who are six years old and are new to mouthwash should lock their mouthwash in a cabinet that their kids can reach.  

Final note 

To improve your kid’s oral health, you have to do a lot more than brush his teeth. Dentists have pointed out that kids need to brush and floss daily. Even more, they need to use mouthwash when they are above 6 years. The mouthwash you choose for your kid matters. To ensure that it doesn’t damage their teeth and their general health you should avoid mouthwash that contains alcohol.