Since we were kids, brushing has been a daily routine and ritual that has been a part of human existence. Have we ever asked the question “What has been the effect of my daily bruising routine on my immediate environment?” To us, brushing is just a form of personal hygiene that has become a daily ritual.

Yearly, about 3.5 billion plastic toothbrushes are disposed of. The disposal of so many plastics can be a bit disastrous to the environment.

Does this now mean brushing our teeth is a bad routine or thing to do? Well, NO!

All we need to do is find a better means of brushing that will be eco-friendly friendly. That is, we need to choose sustainable and eco-friendly options. This option is what the sustainable bamboo toothbrush offers us.

What is a sustainable bamboo toothbrush?

A bamboo toothbrush is a manual toothbrush whose handle is made of bamboo. Its bristles are made from biodegradable materials. An example of biodegradable material that can be used for toothbrush bristles is pig hair. However, some are made of nylon bristles. Most people think that bamboo toothbrushes are new inventions. On the contrary, they have been in existence for a while. They have only just become popular recently. The most sustainable toothbrushes have bristles. The bristles are made from biodegradable materials. And a bamboo toothbrush is a perfect example of this.

The fact that this bamboo toothbrush is made from bamboo. And bamboo is sustainable as it is a renewable natural resource.

What makes bamboo toothbrushes sustainable?

The bamboo toothbrush is made from bamboo trees. This is sustainable as bamboo is a natural resource that cannot be exhausted. The bamboo is in the grass family, so unlike woods, it grows really fast and is fully grown within 3-4 months. The bamboo tree can be grown in dense clusters, so many bamboos can be grown in a small land area. The bamboo tree also grows so tall, and just one bamboo tree can make several bamboo toothbrushes.

With time, a plastic toothbrush might not be sustainable. This is because it is produced from petroleum-based components that are exhaustible natural resources. The petroleum-based component is obtained from crude oil. And crude oil is non-renewable and cannot be grown like bamboo. This makes the bamboo toothbrush sustainable.

Reasons you should choose a sustainable bamboo toothbrush

There are several reasons why you should choose a sustainable bamboo toothbrush. And these reasons range from it is safe and healthy to use to being environmentally friendly.

  1. IT IS ECO-FRIENDLY: Bamboo toothbrushes have long existed. But they only gained recognition mainly because they are eco-friendly and environmentally safe. A bamboo toothbrush, as we know, is made from bamboo. Hence it will decompose quickly. The plastic toothbrush, however, cannot be recycled. The plastic toothbrush also has little to zero decomposing rates. A plastic toothbrush is made of petroleum-based components which do not decompose quickly. Research has shown that plastics cause a percentage of water/ocean pollution. When you choose a bamboo toothbrush, you reduce the number of plastic wastes. So using bamboo will cause less water pollution. This will, in turn, protect the aquatic animals from consuming plastic wastes. So choosing a sustainable bamboo toothbrush is a step to saving your environment from pollution.
  2. IT IS SUITABLE FOR THE TEETH AND GUM: The sustainable bamboo toothbrush has soft bristles suitable for teeth and gum. This makes the bamboo toothbrush useable for both kids and adults. The head of the bamboo toothbrush is also small, and it allows free movement of the brush in the mouth.
  • IT HAS ANTI-BACTERIAL QUALITIES: Bamboo toothbrushes do not allow the growth of bacteria as bacteria cannot grow on them. Bamboo, unlike plastics, has properties in it that kill bacteria that try to grow on its surface. So, you need not worry about bacterial growth when you use a bamboo toothbrush. This is because bamboos have anti-microbial properties.
  1. IT IS A LITTLE BIT MORE EXPENSIVE: The bamboo toothbrush is a little more expensive than the traditional plastic toothbrush. Despite being a little bit more expensive, its advantages surpass that of a conventional plastic toothbrush. These advantages make it is worth the price.
  2. IT IS THE BEST SUSTAINABLE OPTION: The bamboo toothbrush is the most recommended. Among all other sustainable alternative toothbrushes, dentists recommend the bamboo toothbrush. An example of other sustainable alternatives is the charcoal toothbrush. Some dentists do not recommend the charcoal toothbrush. This is because it can wear down and destroy the enamel of the teeth.
  3. IT HAS ANTISEPTIC PROPERTIES: Bamboos naturally have antiseptic properties. This helps to keep the bamboo safe from pests. So the farmers have no reason to use chemicals like pesticides on the bamboo tree. This makes the bamboo a lot more safe for humans as chemicals have not been used on it. The lack of chemicals also makes bamboo more eco-friendly. The chemicals can also add to environmental pollution.

How to dispose of your bamboo toothbrush in an eco-friendly way

Like the plastic toothbrush, a bamboo toothbrush should be changed every three months. A bamboo toothbrush should not be disposed of like a plastic toothbrush. There are specific ways in which a bamboo toothbrush can be disposed of. Below are the tips that can help you in properly disposing of your bamboo toothbrush;

  1. Remove the bristles from the toothbrush with a set of pliers.
  2. If the bristle is made of nylon, then put it with recyclable materials as it will not quickly decompose.
  3. Put the bamboo handle in a compost heap or in an organic waste bin.

Choose a sustainable bamboo toothbrush today!

Choose a sustainable bamboo toothbrush today! As it is the best choice for sustainable, eco-friendly dental care. You can go about brushing, knowing that you are doing your part in making the world a more conducive place.  This is because you are using an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush. You can also be assured that your dental health is safe as bamboos are anti-microbial and don’t allow the growth of bacterias.