Many Dentists recommend earth-friendly toothbrushes to their patients because of two main reasons. First, they are effective at cleaning our teeth and removing plaque. Also, they are eco-friendly and don’t have a negative impact on the environment. 

Dentists who recommend eco-friendly products like bamboo toothbrushes are more likely to get loyal patients. Since a lot of patients are aware of the impact of plastic toothbrushes on the environment, they are definitely going to appreciate the efforts of dentists making an effort to turn things around. 

That said, it is worth noting that a handful of patients are clueless about the impact of plastic toothbrushes on the environment. They have no idea that over 1 billion toothbrushes are disposed of yearly- most of these toothbrushes end up in landfills. What’s shocking is that it will take hundreds of years for them to decay. 

Switching to a bamboo toothbrush may not be easy for you, especially if you are new to it. If you are in this boat this article is for you. Read on to learn some key things that will make you look at bamboo toothbrushes in a new light. 

Key things you should know about earth-friendly toothbrushes  

What exactly is a bamboo toothbrush?

Bamboo toothbrushes stand out from the crowd because of the material they are made from. Unlike regular toothbrushes with plastic handles, bamboo toothbrushes have handles made from bamboo. Most people have the notion that bamboo is wood, but it is not. Researchers have pointed out that bamboo is a type of grass.

Bamboo is the perfect material for making toothbrushes, as it grows very quickly and decomposes within a short time. Besides being sustainable, it is sturdy, eco-friendly, and has anti-microbial properties.  

When used and kept properly bamboo toothbrushes will last just as long as plastic toothbrushes. This means that a bamboo toothbrush will remain in great shape for 3 months which is the recommended period for use of a toothbrush

One thing you must know is that not all parts of a bamboo toothbrush can be recycled. Its nylon bristles are not biodegradable. 

Earth-Friendly toothbrushes: Two Types 

There are two main types of bamboo toothbrushes. Below is an overview of each of them. 

Bamboo toothbrush with nylon bristles  

These are great to use, as they are firm enough to remove food remains, plaque, and bacteria. They are also effective at cleaning the gum. Since the nylon bristles are soft and well-rounded, you can be confident that they won’t cause any injury. 

Bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristles

Charcoal bristles (Bamboo) are somewhat different from nylon bristles, as they absorb bacteria from the mouth. Dentists usually recommend bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal bristles for teeth whitening. 

Note that they aren’t ideal for daily use, as they’re not gentle on the gum. 

Bamboo toothbrushes for kids 

It is easy to assume that bamboo toothbrushes are made only for adults. But that is far from the truth. Presently, there are many brands that offer high-quality bamboo toothbrushes for kids. These toothbrushes have ergonomic handles, soft bristles, and a compact head. 

Final note

It is the responsibility of eco-friendly dentists to educate their customers on how to protect the environment with their actions. One way they can do this is to enlighten them on the benefits of using a bamboo toothbrush. As mentioned above, bamboo toothbrushes are easy to use, effective, and perfect for kids and adults.