Toothbrush is our daily life can not be separated from oral hygiene tools, but not everyone understands the maintenance of the toothbrush, some people toothbrush with a few years do not change, some people brush your teeth after the toothbrush on the sealed toothbrush box , And even two or three people share a toothbrush, the use of toothbrush method not only can not clean the mouth, but become the source of oral bacteria. The correct toothbrush conservation method is as follows:
Brush your teeth after use to thoroughly wash with water, not only to wash away the toothbrush on the residual toothpaste and food debris, but also try to dry the toothbrush on the water, the toothbrush head up into the mouthwash cup, placed in dry and ventilated place. Because the wet toothbrush is easy to breed bacteria. Some scholars have found that whether it is healthy or the patient’s toothbrush, use a month later, the toothbrush on a large number of bacteria on the breeding. Unclean toothbrush will not only lead to inflammation of the gums, or a variety of diseases, the source of infection.
Toothbrush is made of nylon wire, heat easily deformed, it can not be washed in high temperature water, can not use boiling method of disinfection. A toothbrush can not be long-term use, usually once a quarter to replace, or found that when the toothbrush curly bifurcation should be replaced in time to avoid bristles stabbed gums.
Adhere to the principle of a toothbrush, so as not to cause cross-spread of infectious diseases.