Public health awareness is improving as a result of the pandemic’s recovery. According to Euromonitor, the worldwide oral care business is comprised of around RMB 300 billion. So, China’s oral care sector is worth about RMB 42 billion.

It is predicted to reach RM 100 billion in 10 years. Oral health goods and services are also rising. Even if there’s a downfall that happens in 2020.

The Chinese are becoming more aware of their good dental hygiene.

This is why the oral healthcare market in China is expected to develop at a CAGR of 9.8%. This is going to happen between now and 2024, reaching USD 10.8 billion. China’s oral care is still in its early stages of growth.

Especially now that consumers are becoming more aware of new and improved products. It is predicted to be opportune throughout the projection period. Since people’s knowledge and living standards are rising.

Consumers’ purchasing power has increased. The population continues to grow, as does the level of family income. As a result, China’s demand for oral care products is increasing.

The dental hygiene market in China is getting bigger and bigger.

Since 2020, China’s oral care industry has grown. According to Statista statistics, it accumulated at a rate of over 10% each year. By 2025, the market for toothpaste and toothbrushes will account for more than half of the total.

It is estimated to be worth over 670 billion yen. It’s possible. Even if there are still some individuals who don’t value the importance of dental hygiene,


This prediction means that people’s living standards will grow in the future. and will lead the market to expand much more than present estimates.

Organic products for personal and dental care are becoming popular.

China has become one of the largest consumer markets for natural personal and dental care products. It has grown at a quick pace. For personal and oral natural care. China is likely to be a vibrant market.

Customers in China are very concerned about the items’ authenticity and safety. This has propelled the country’s natural product boom. As a result, many multinational companies adhere to high-quality standards.

They have a thorough understanding of why their goods have grown in popularity in China. They are the largest consumer market for natural and organic products. In recent years, it has been expanding at a remarkable rate.

It is expected to be a dynamic market for natural and organic personal care.

Chinese people are becoming concerned about the safety and legitimacy of products. This has helped the country’s organic product development. Several multinational brands have grown more popular in China.

They are believed to be safer than conventional personal care products. Meanwhile, COVID-19 will not have a large impact on daily essentials such as toothpaste. But, it will have an impact on electric toothbrushes.

Customers are likely to cut back on non-essential purchases. They opt for manual toothbrushes until the economy recovers.

Dental care for children is on the rise.

Parents are increasingly concerned with their children’s health. They preferred to pay more to give high-quality items to their children. As a result, the Chinese populace’s increased living standards and level of education.

Also, the market for dental care, as well as other markets relating to children, is booming. Despite the fact that children’s toothpaste products currently have a modest market share. They are rapidly expanding.

Specifically, for kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste, parents choose global brands.

The market for oral care continues to be heavily influenced by toothpaste.

Modern toothpaste advances include protection, preservation, cure, and restoration. The sales success of calcium-rich toothpaste can help strengthen teeth. Throughout China, the toothpaste market has a significant market share.

Consumers’ toothpaste choices have changed. This contributes to a significant part of the oral health market’s income. Because a major part of China’s population has oral disorders.

This is why customers’ toothpaste choices have shifted. They have begun to migrate from low-cost products to higher-cost options.

Social media is quite valuable to the Chinese people.

People in China spend a lot of time on social media sites to find out more about products and companies. They even request suggestions from others and figure out how to make use of an item. They use social media to share their experiences and ideas.

Just like in other countries, social media has become their way of connecting to the world. As a result, social media and online discussion forums are becoming crucial for them. Especially for companies looking to increase brand awareness among Chinese customers.

This is where the Chinese oral care market is headed soon!

Teeth brushing is now taking root in China. The oral care industry is a promising one that is predicted to develop at a rate of over 10% per year. In fact, it has a strong probability that it will eventually reach three times a day, as it has in Japan.

Expected items include more than just toothbrushes and toothpaste. But, oral products like mouthwashes and dental floss are also associated. It’s critical to adopt a two-pronged strategy for e-commerce advertising.

Especially nowadays, when there are a lot of rivals. Not only that, but there are also a lot of things to look out for when it comes to pricing, efficacy, and brand quality.

Take Away

The Chinese oral care market is booming. And this is due to consumers’ increased consumption and knowledge of oral health. The toothpaste sector, as a fast-growing market, is seeing a resurgence in product and packaging innovation.

Not only that, but also the introduction of many new brands into the competition. Without a doubt, China’s toothpaste sector has a bright future ahead of it.