If you’re like most people, you brush your teeth twice a day. Many people use toothpaste or mouthwash to remove bacteria, food particles, and other contaminants.


You are always thinking about the best ingredients that you can add to your daily oral routine. Or you might as well think of the best-going eco friendly. This can mean choosing the best ingredients for toothpaste and toothbrushes.


Unfortunately, most of these products are made with synthetic ingredients. And do not offer many benefits for your health.


Today we will be looking at whether one of the most common personal care products can be made biodegradable with the use of PLA. Biodegradable products claim to be safe for the environment. They are


This article will list the pros and cons of using biodegradable toothpaste. And suggestions on how to choose the best biodegradable toothpaste for your personal needs.


What is a Biodegradable Toothpaste?


Biodegradable toothpaste breaks down into harmless substances in your mouth. This happens after a short period.


The toothpaste is made with a bio-compatible organic base, plant oils, and natural extracts. It also has other ingredients that make it safe for oral consumption.


While some biodegradable kinds of toothpaste are made with bio-compatible organic bases. Others are formulated with food-grade ingredients. This allows them to break down into harmless compounds in your mouth.


However, biodegradable toothpaste is not compostable. They do not completely break down into harmless compounds. Instead, they break down into non-toxic substances that your mouth absorbs over time.


Health Benefits of Using Biodegradable Toothpaste


Many people use biodegradable toothpaste as an alternative to regular toothpaste. Bio toothpaste is milder in taste and smell.


Many biodegradable toothpaste tubes are made with natural extracts, essential oils, and plant-based oils. These do not contain artificial flavors, sweeteners, or other additives.


Biodegradable toothpaste is made with safe, plant-based ingredients. It can be a good choice for people who have sensitive teeth. Or for oral health issues such as Crohn’s disease or periodontal disease.


PLA (Biodegradable) in Toothpaste? A Look at the Science

PLA is short for polylactic acid. It is either hailed as the almighty savior from single-use plastic packaging or the ultimate greenwashing ploy.


Since biodegradable toothpaste is made with bio-compatible organic bases that allow for bacterial growth. There is also a chance that it can be consumed by harmful organisms that can cause infections in your mouth.


The toothpaste is packaged in small trays or tubes, making it easy for bacteria to grow inside the product. After a certain period, the bacteria break down into harmless compounds in your mouth. The toothpaste is considered bio-degradable but not completely compostable. It is because it still contains some bacteria.


To be biodegradable, a product must be able to break down into carbon dioxide, water, and minerals. It is important to note that biodegradable toothpaste is not completely compostable. It is simply broken down into non-toxic compounds in your mouth. This means that the toothpaste is safe to consume. But it does not offer any benefits for your oral health or environment.


How to choose the best biodegradable toothpaste for yourself?

Now you know everything about the biodegradable toothpaste, you need to choose what you want in your toothpaste:

  • It should be nontoxic
  • It should be mild and not overpowering
  • It should have the natural ingredients
  • The PLA should be fully biodegradable
  • The packaging should be sustainable
  • Aim for GMO derived ingredients





Biodegradable toothpaste can be an excellent option for people who want safer toothpaste. Something that is also gentler on their teeth than non-biodegradable toothpaste.


Some bioplastic toothpaste is safe for your oral health. While others are not biodegradable and could break down in the environment.

Biodegradable toothpaste is an excellent option for people who want safer toothpaste. Something that is also gentler on their teeth than non-biodegradable toothpaste.


One of the most common reasons people choose to go green is for the environment. If you care about the environment, you also care about future generations’ health.


The best biodegradable toothpaste is one that is made with plant-based ingredients. Such as essential oils and extracts. While others are not completely biodegradable. The good news is some companies are making more and more biodegradable toothpaste for the modern age.


It is important to understand the difference between biodegradable and fully biodegradable toothpaste. Always make sure to study the ingredients carefully and do your research.