Whether you use a bamboo toothbrush or a plastic toothbrush, you should replace it every 3 months. Dental health experts have pointed out that toothbrushes become less effective after 3 months of use. Even more, they may start to host harmful bacteria that are linked to some oral health conditions.

Most people trash their old toothbrushes because they can’t really figure out any other thing to use them for. 

Well, it may interest you to know that there are a lot of fun activities you can do with an old toothbrush. For example, you can use them to create amazing art pieces for your bedroom. 

Using a toothbrush to create art pieces may seem like a daunting task, especially if you haven’t done it before. This article is going to shed light on the intricate information you need to make beautiful artwork with your old bamboo toothbrush and some colors.  

Things you need to splatter paint with a toothbrush 

Below is everything you will need. 

  • An old plastic or bamboo toothbrush 
  • Card stock or butcher paper 
  • Paint 
  • Apron and eye-googles 

A guide on how to splatter paint with a toothbrush 

As previously mentioned, your old toothbrushes are loaded with bacteria. So before using them it is important that you first disinfect them. Be sure to cover yourself with an apron so that the paint doesn’t ruin your clothes. If you are going to carry out this project with your kids, then you should get them eye goggles. 

Using Acrylic paint 

Step 1 

Wear your apron and eye goggles. 

Step 2

Place butcher paper on a table or flat surface

Step 3 

Carefully dip your toothbrush into the paint (Allow excess paint to drip off before pulling it up)

Step 4

Hold the brush close to the paper and use your fingers to carefully comb over the bristles of the brush. You can choose to use only your thumb or any of your four fingers to comb the bristles. If your kids are with you, you should encourage them to use one finger, as it will be easier for them. 

Step 5 

Embrace your creative side. You can make starry skies, fireworks, or any other thing that comes to your mind. 

If your toothbrush has a suction head, you can use it to make your work stand out. All you need to do is to dip the suction end into paint and stamp it on your butcher paper. 

Step 6

Your goal should be to have fun with your kids while creating amazing artwork. So don’t be too hard on yourself if what you made isn’t as amazing as you wanted. 

Step 7 

Clean up. As you likely know, splattering paint with a toothbrush is going to leave a mess. So when you are done you should wash your hands with soap that can remove paint. Use a cleaning agent to remove paint splash on your table and floor.  

Using Liquid watercolors 

If you don’t have acrylic pain, you can use liquid watercolor as an alternative. Here are the steps to using it. 

Step 1 

Disinfect your old toothbrush and wear your apron and eye goggles 

Step 2 

Dip the toothbrush into the bottle containing the liquid watercolor. Allow excess paint to drip off. 

Step 3 

Take the brush close to your paper and use your finger to comb the bristles. Don’t hold the brush over the paper, as it will leave droplets that may ruin your work. 

Final note

With your old toothbrush, you can make amazing art pieces within a couple of minutes. Following the tips discussed in this article will help ensure that you get the best results.