If you are a new parent then you would know the amazing feeling of having kids in life. Now you are not only responsible for your oral health, but also for your kids! A lot needs to change now especially if your oral health habits are poor! Kids tend to follow what adults do and now that you are a role model you have a lot more responsibility on your shoulders.


It’s wise to talk to your healthcare provider and dentist about your overall health and oral hygiene. What works for one individual may not be suitable for the other, which is why it’s wise to be aware of oral healthcare habits.


Read on for more information.


Tips to Keep In Mind for Parents And Children

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual so you need to see what works best for you and your children. There are no one-size-fit techniques, but following the basics is a must for everyone, for example, brushing teeth twice a day for two minutes, etc.



Let’s consider some tips that you and your kids may find helpful:

#1. Give Priority to Oral Hygiene

It’s easy to let go of yourself once you have kids. At times, brushing the teeth is too challenging while taking care of a newborn, but you must give priority to oral hygiene.

In fact, keep yourself clean during this time as you are caring for a newborn. Ask for help from your spouse and other family members if it’s too hard to take care of the kid and if you have more children, it could be even tougher as you would also need to brush their teeth as well. No matter what, ensure that you are giving priority to oral hygiene!


#2. Visit The Dentist And Learn Brushing


At times visiting the dentist can pay off! Some people are not even aware of the basic brushing techniques, they could be brushing teeth too roughly and hurting their gums. There is no harm in unlearning and learning the new brushing technique. The same goes for your children. You must visit the dentist as soon as your kids have the first set of teeth or even before to keep everything in check. The dentist would also give you tips on how to brush the teeth of the little ones!

#3. Start Flossing


If you haven’t already then it’s time to start flossing your teeth. There would be food particles stuck between the teeth that are hard to take out with simple brushing. On the other hand, flossing can help you take these food particles out. There is also water floss available nowadays that would help you keep your mouth clean. However, for kids ask your dentist when the kid can start flossing.

#4. Focus On Your Diet

You must also focus on your diet especially if you are a new mom and breastfeeding the newborn. The diet also matters for your children as healthy food is important for a healthy mouth. So, if you haven’t already then now is the time to start focusing on your diet.


#5. Teach Kids Oral Hygiene from An Early Age

Oral Hygiene matters, but instill healthy habits from an early age. When your kids are aware of healthy habits from a young age, it will be easier for them to follow. Make a habit of brushing your teeth and your kid’s teeth twice a day for two minutes. Make a ritual, sing poems, or make your tooth-brushing routine interesting. Give stickers to the little ones when they brush their teeth or remember to keep their oral hygiene in check. Such small oral hygiene habits would pay off in the long run.

#6. Do What’s Required for Oral Health

At times the dentist may suggest a root canal or filling the cavities. So, instead of putting off what’s required for oral health, go for it! It’s vital that you are caring for your oral hygiene. Your oral health matters, talk to your dentist about it. When you are a new parent, discuss your oral health with your dentist, it’s best to know what works in your favor and whether there is a need for any treatment to keep your oral hygiene in check.

#7. Update Your Knowledge

Keep your knowledge in check for oral health and update your knowledge! Nowadays there are electronic toothbrushes and smart toothbrushes. Some people opt for bamboo toothbrushes for the well-being of the environment. It’s best to know what works for you, also keep your dentist in the loop. Your dentist can guide you in the right direction and the advice of your dentist would be perfect!



What can I do to maintain my oral hygiene as a new parent?

Talk to your dentist and your healthcare provider if it’s challenging for you to do even the basics. It’s best to rule out the possibility of going through postpartum depression. Ask your spouse and family to help you during this tough time. It could be challenging, but your overall health and oral health matters, so take care of yourself.


Is oral health important for kids?

Oral health matters for everyone even the kids. It’s vital that you care for your kids and teach them the basics from an early age. You can also ask your dentist to educate you more about the importance of oral hygiene for your children.


Wrapping It Up

It’s challenging to raise newborns and if you already have children it could be even harder to maintain oral hygiene. It’s vital for the new parents to talk to the dentist and healthcare provider to keep their oral hygiene in check. Make sure you focus on your diet and establish a routine for yourself and the kids. Give priority to your oral hygiene as it’s easy to let go of yourself once you have the kids. However, visiting the dentist can help. Look into the smart toothbrushes and the bamboo toothbrushes, see what works for you!