In average hotels, cleanliness has become a major cause of concern in recent years. This concern compounded when the pandemic hits the world. Now people have become more conscious than ever of their hygiene habits – particularly during the hotel stay. Though you can’t avoid every germ during your hotel stay, you can reduce your contact by optimizing a mandatory hotel hygiene kit.


At some point in time, we all must have stayed in a hotel at some time or another; it could be a real luxury hotel or just an average hotel. No matter how basic is the hotel; you have a right to expect a germ-free environment because you’re paying for your accommodation. The hotel management must define and maintain some significant hygiene standards. But sadly, these are not always being maintained.


The best solution to curtail this issue is to carry a personalized hygiene kit to avoid getting in contact with any ailments during your hotel stay. This tiny kit carries almost everything that can prevent you from any sort of nasty germs that can make you ill.


Below is the list of must-have items that you should take with you during your stay in a hotel:





Carrying a collapsible cup can potentially eliminate any chances of bacteria contact. It has been observed that the bathroom glass in a hotel is hardly been maintained properly. It is one of the most horrible practices that have been revealed regarding hotel hygiene. You are safe if they are plastic and encased in a bag. But hidden cameras have found some terrible ways when it comes to cleaning these.


Some are disgusting, like cleaning the glass with a cloth that has been used to clean other grubby things in the bathroom. Generally, glasses are just rinsed in the bathroom sink. Imagine if the person before you had flu, how bad it could be –especially during the corona period.




Although hotel carpets are vacuumed frequently, they only remove the upper layer of debris, you can hardly expect deep cleaning.

Also, you would never know what people are doing on hotel carpets. But the reality remains that the carpets are walked on every day by people who are bringing who-knows-what onto the carpets.


Some people walk around hotel rooms on their bare feet, it could be a possibility that they might have fungal infections. Thus, carrying your folding ballet slippers or flip flops to your luggage is the best solution to get rid of germ infections. Also, they can be useful at home, too.




Did you ever think, a TV remote which is the most frequently used item in your hotel room is full of bacteria? It’s something that almost everyone touches and you have never realized how badly this could make you ill.


Despite even cleaning it thoroughly it is almost next to impossible to get all the germs out from the remote- especially if it’s an old-fashioned one with lots of buttons. But if you are carrying a baggie then you can simply put the remote into a baggie before you use it. Of course, it still works just fine and you’ll be protected.




The potential of catching infectious diseases by droplets in the air and by touching contaminated surfaces is the biggest threat nowadays. It is always advisable to carry a pack of antibacterial wipes to disinfect the surfaces around you.


It only takes a couple of minutes to disinfect the dirtiest areas in your hotel room.


The most high-risk surfaces in hotels are doorknobs, light switches, remotes, toilets, desks, taps, and sinks.


The correct way of using the wipes is a must; keep the surface visibly wet for the necessary amount of time, and only wipe one way to diminish the increase of the germs.




Hand sanitizer is the most effective way to protect you from germs when water and soap are not around. Clean your hands with a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Having travel-sized bottles in your hotel hygiene kit can give you peace of mind that now you can clean your hands anytime anywhere.







In case you need to sneeze, cough, or even sniffle during your hotel stay, you should always have tissues on hand to cover your nose and mouth. Don’t forget to quickly dispose of used napkins into a bin. Never put them back into your bag or pocket to use again, and also avoid using handkerchiefs. Use your hands thoroughly after you’ve disposed of the tissues.




Various health organizations have recommended that food hygiene practices are crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thus, during your hotel stay, it’s good to avoid drinking directly from a glass, use a straw instead. It is also a good idea to have a few reusable straws in your hygiene kit and make sure you disinfect them after every use.


Some other important hygiene factors


Apart from the above-mentioned hygiene measures, other easy measures can make your stay germ-free. These are:



  • Remove the bedspread as some hotels don’t wash these after every guest. Don’t use it when you sleeping, just fold it, put it on a chair. It is advisable to carry your bedsheet.


  • Bathroom counters are a germ-ridden area. Place a few tissues or a clean towel on the counter before you take down your toiletries.


  • When housekeeping staff enters is in your room, keep your toiletries in a bag It might possible during cleaning the toilets, they might touch your toiletries with their dirty hands.


  • Be cautious and avoid dropping dirty clothes onto the carpet.


  • Sterilize the cutlery before having your meal.




Prevention is better than cure! Having a complete hotel hygiene kit holds every possibility that can help you from germ infections. Optimize every product wisely to make your hotel stay memorable for you.