Many people spend at some point of their time traveling from one place to the other. Prepping up the kinds of stuff that you need before traveling is essential. As such, you need to pack up the things you need before going out with your friends or colleagues.


When we plan out for travel, it is much easier to travel light and get your stuff sorted properly. However, if you schedule some time to prepare for your trip, you will be able to pack the right stuff. And, apart from the basic essentials, you need not forget your oral hygiene tool – your toothbrush!


By following the tips listed below, you will find that carrying yourself a toothbrush when traveling can never be the same again.


Traveling or not: Bring yourself a toothbrush


We all know for a fact that you need to keep your mouth as fresh as possible. And when you are traveling, it’s expected that you get to taste foods and delicacies along the way. But whether you go for a long trip or work at your office, you need to practice good oral hygiene. And, with people easily distracted with social media these days, they fail to realize the need for a new toothbrush.


But why should you bring a toothbrush all the time? Essentially, you need good oral hygiene. And over time, you will also be needing to regularly change the type of toothbrush you use. According to related research studies, your toothbrush can have bacteria and germs.


So, it is important that you need to equip yourself with a new toothbrush which can easily clean up your teeth.  Most dentists suggest that we should be able to set a new toothbrush every after three to four months. Which is why, even when you are traveling far or not, your toothbrush needs to be replaced to maintain good oral health.


The best types of container for your toothbrush


Now that you have your toothbrush packed on your bag, you may have to store it in a proper container. On average, at some point, we may need to store our toothbrush in a secure container.


Some of the recommended containers for your toothbrush when traveling, include:


  1. Fully closed plastic container where your toothbrush and toothpaste are secured.
  2. Stainless steel container with small openings to prevent moist to build up
  3. Light wooden type containers with openings as well.


Although these containers are good, don’t let your toothbrush get too moist inside. It’s a common notion that you get your toothbrush placed in a container after brushing your teeth. Studies suggest that covering a wet toothbrush on a container may have bacteria to grow. As such, your toothbrush bristles moist and bacteria may build up.


Care tips for your toothbrush while on travel


When you arrive at your hotel or motel, you easily store your toothbrush on the cabinet drawer inside the comfort room. Often, you leave it out in the open near the sink and place it in a cup. And as we travel to new destinations to catch up some fresh air, leave your toothbrush some air to dry out, too.


Remember not to leave it inside the toilet room. So, rather keep your toothbrush dry first before getting it back in the container. Or, let your toothbrush sit for a while near the sink to dry out.


Make sure to store your toothbrush upright in the open air or near the sink for some time. Do observe that the toothbrush goes dry after each use. Once you see that it dries up, you can then store your toothbrush in the container – in case you don’t want to forget leaving it behind! If you’re going to pack your toothbrush, make sure that it’s in a ventilated case so that it doesn’t get wet or damaged.


Things to avoid so as not to damage your toothbrush on travel


Not only does having yourself a toothbrush with you keeps you organized but it also shows you practice good oral hygiene.  Toothbrushes are ideal companions while traveling. They are compact, light and cheap. They don’t take up much space in your suitcase and they are inexpensive as well. You can even buy a travel case for them.


And as mentioned earlier, ensure that your toothbrush is secured to a container. Here’s some stuff you need to avoid not do to your toothbrush when traveling:


Tossing your toothbrush into your toiletry bag with all of your other toiletries is also a bad idea. This can damage your toothbrush, especially if you have other hard items in the bag.


Do not bend, fold, or twist it. Do not wrap it in a paper napkin and stuff it into your baggage because it will potentially break. Do not store it in the medicine or toilet cabinet in your hotel room where you stayed. More so, don’t have it mixed up with all of that other stuff because of a potential of cross-contamination. This includes cotton balls, alcohol, sanitisers and makeup.


Don’t let your toothbrush go near used hotel towels to dry-off. Or if you go camping outdoors, don’t let it easily be placed with other  people’s belongings. There is a potential that your toothbrush may also catch some airborne germs around. If you must, you can have it washed through running water and whisk a bit and wipe it with a clean cloth to dry.


Key takeaways before traveling with your handy toothbrush on


So if you are ready to pack your things up, get yourself a quality toothbrush you can bring you with. By getting the proper type of toothbrush, you may be encouraged to practice good oral hygiene. And, when you arrive at your destination, have a quick mouth rinse and brush your teeth at least twice a day.


Here at ES Toothbrush, try our quality toothbrush selections as your travel companion! If you have any questions about our toothbrush items before you travel, contact us today. Or, you may submit an enquiry to our Facebook page and other social media channels.