Dental products can be tracked back to 2000-2500 years ago, Early tooth cleaning products mainly chalk, animal bone meal, pumice, and even copper green. 18 century England began industrial production of tooth power ,tooth power as a commodity .French invented Metal Hose in 1840,provide suitable packaging for daily products. Which led to the reform of some commodity form. In 1893 the Vienna people Sege invented the toothpaste and toothpaste into the hose, from toothpaste began to develop and gradually replace the tooth powder. Toothpaste is based on the improvement of the formation of toothpaste, early toothpaste mainly as a friction agent with calcium carbonate to soap as a surfactant. Since the 40s of last century, due to the rapid development of science and technology, toothpaste from the ordinary function of the development dentistry for the prevention of dental drug add to the oral hygiene supplies. The most prominent is the fluoride toothpaste, the incidence of dental caries greatly reduced. In 1945, the United States to calcium pyrophosphate friction agent, tin pyrophosphate as a stabilizer in the toothpaste to add stannous fluoride, developed the world’s first fluoride toothpaste.