One chore that every kid ever was asked to do that they never enjoyed was brushing their teeth at least twice daily. Most children do not get the point of brushing on such a regular basis. As an adult, we often skip the nighttime teeth cleaning procedure and prefer to go off to sleep. Yet, what we do not realize is that a simple job like brushing can have crazy physical benefits. Throughout the day our teeth are munching on something or the other. The food particles after a meal get between the teeth and produce plaque. A virus that goes by the scientific name of Streptococcus mutants. The virus produces an acid that can dissolve your teeth. After a meal, a layer of plaque can get deposited between the gaps. This results in the calcium in the tooth crown slowly starting to leak out of the enamel. And this entire process does not happen overnight. The decalcification procedure can become a major issue. It eventually leads to a gaping hole in the tooth that makes the enamel vacant and hollow. Once this hole starts developing, going back to your original healthy teeth is pretty difficult. That is why dentists and dental doctors recommend self-care routines before caries spread too far and deep.


Caries occur particularly when there is sugar or carbohydrate disposition between the teeth. That, along with the plaque can result in a steady deterioration of your dental health. The initial stage of caries is known as the first stage is when self-care can help. The most effective prevention measure in such scenarios is brushing your teeth. Yet once there is a steep decline in your tooth’s health, restricting it is tough. Caries prevention Thus includes thorough and methodical brushing of the teeth. This also serves as a method of precaution. Regions like the molar at the back and /or around the roots and fillings are hard to reach. They become the breeding ground for the streptococcus virus making them vulnerable to the risk of caries and cavities. The gum line and artificial tooth around the dental bridge need special attention as well.


Besides, caries can develop in children and adults both, irrespective of their age. Thus, food intake and your diet play a crucial role in the prevention process. In the case of minors, their new permanent teeth are rough on the surface. This makes them susceptible to plaque. At the same time, a parent can’t brush their kid’s teeth every single time they have something sugary and sweet. Besides, it is not workable to control every single action of your child. So the least you can do is brush your teeth with adult supervision twice daily. For better dental health. Milk teeth create the space required for the permanent set of teeth. Cavities in the milk teeth might lead to the incorrect alignment of your tooth set and other such issues that become evident over a long time. Unlike kids, caries in adults occur due to neglecting all the self-care regimes. Dental treatment involving the crown and roots of your tooth is another reason.

Plaque can generate around these gaps and lead to a gaping hole in your tooth. Even if you have already seen a doctor and are taking all the medical care, these cavities keep coming back which makes it necessary that you keep track of your oral health. There is a third kind of caries which has been pretty common. This type of caries develops at the root surface and can cause tremendous pain.


Prevention and Self Care


The chief reason behind caries is plaque accumulation. So plaque control is the easiest way to avoid such health issues. Plague is also the reason behind rotting gums and bad breath. Plaque control at home involves regular effective brushing. The use of fluoride-based toothpaste for the best possible outcome. A point to be mentioned here is that for best results there is a special technique to be followed during brushing. First and foremost the bristles should be soft enough to not hurt the gums and roots. At the same time be able to sweep up all the stuck food and debris from between the teeth. The procedure itself should continue for around 2 minutes. The strokes matter too and should be small and round. The circular stroke of the brush ensures that no food particle is stuck. This prevents the accumulation of unhealthy germs in the mouth.


Fluoride-based toothpaste can work like magic when it comes to plaque and caries control. The fluoride from the toothpaste continues to remain inside the mouth cavity even after brushing. This fluorine component can subdue the acidic compound created by the streptococcus virus. and helps in the rebuilding of the tooth. Fluorine also can restore the lost mineral components and make sure that the affected tooth gets back to its original health. If you are using toothpaste, there is a chance that carries gets reduced by almost 20 to 30 percent. But, that is not the case for everyone. Records show that for maximum effectiveness, a small pea-sized amount of toothpaste is more than enough. This quantity varies for kids and adults. The approximate amount an adult needs every time they brush their teeth is roughly around 1 gm. And for children, this quantity is a little less. All this being said, the most effective way of preventing caries is brushing your teeth daily. And this also happens to be the best self-care option when it comes to caries control. So even if you feel dog tired and want to skip your nighttime routine, force yourself to follow through. You never know when a tiny slice of cake will result in a major toothache. Once a cavity forms, the damage is pretty permanent. So prevention is better than cure, especially where your dental health and hygiene are concerned.