The world has changed. Nowadays, people are more overtly concerned about the planet. This shift in perspective has had companies and manufacturers shifting their priorities as well. Instead of making stuff that is harmful to the environment, a lot of them have gone green and sustainable. This is a good thing. The planet needs more caretakers now that global warming has gone up to the red alert.
In much the same way, oral and dental health care supplies have gone green where they could as well. In one of their endeavors, they have created this wonderfully unique and amazing bamboo toothbrush that is biodegradable. For consumers, this means that they can use their bamboo manual brushes without guilt now because they know for sure that their equipment won’t be harmful to the environment.
Contributing to the global effort in protecting our world from further harm has never been more attractive than right now. And most consumers believe that making a tiny change in their lifestyles to reduce the amount of plastic waste that comes out of their households is the right way to go about it. They’re not wrong.
If you want to join in by purchasing one of these biodegradable toothbrushes, here is one of the best ones that you can buy online. Check it out and join the movement!
N-bamboo has one of the best bamboo toothbrushes that you can check out. It has BPA-free nylon bristles that are neither too hard nor too soft, but instead, just right for everyone. These bristles carefully protect the enamel of your teeth while ridding your mouth of all the plaque and bacteria. Moreover, N-amboo toothbrushes have uniquely rounded bristles that are smooth and supple and this helps massage your gums gently for a better brushing experience. Best of all, aside from the fact that it is effective when used, it’s also extremely attractive. You can even customize the bristle color if you want to.
The handles for N-amboo toothbrushes are glossy and natural, and they never split. Bamboo, as we know, is stronger and more durable than wood. This means you won’t need to worry anytime you engage in vigorous brushing. The handles are waterproofed as well. This should help you get a steady and thorough brushing of your teeth without any mishaps.
Of course, it is sustainable and 100% recyclable. Most of the materials used in making these toothbrushes (including the packaging) can end up safely on the ground as compost. Whatever can’t still end up recycled. This means that the company tries its best to create something that is not harmful to the environment. This isn’t the bare minimum anymore—it’s a real effort.
Why bamboo?
Bamboos are known to be one of the most eco-friendly and fastest-growing plants in the world. It can grow to its full size in three to four months. Compared with other trees which take years to grow into maturity, this is quick. Its naturally renewing properties is one of the things that make bamboos quite sustainable. Moreover, the cultivation of bamboos is natural. There are no pesticides and chemicals involved when growing or harvesting bamboos.
For another, bamboos are known for their versatility and strength. Nowadays, entire houses are even constructed with bamboo. With proper care, these homes, and any other bamboo-made stuff could last years before deteriorating. When applied with food-approved varnish, it can last for even more years.
Another thing that sets bamboo apart from other materials is the anti-bacterial nature of its fibers. The substance ‘bamboo kun’ makes it naturally so without the need for toxic chemical treatments. Said substance is an antimicrobial bio-agent that gives bamboos their natural antibacterial property since it prevents bacteria and microbes from growing on bamboo products. It makes bamboo the best sterile and fresh material for straws, cutlery, and toothbrush.
So yes, bamboo forests have an enormous positive benefit to the environment. If you didn’t know, bamboo absorbs two times more carbon dioxide than trees. This is how they are known to act as carbon ‘sinks.’ And since bamboos also generate a huge amount of oxygen—around 30% more than most plants and trees—it’s a win-win. Their strong roots also make the soil more stable. It stabilizes and restores the land, as well as prevents landslides.
Bamboos also help protect biodiversity and endangered species by creating homes for a variety of different animals. A lot of bamboo forests have saved and protected several species living in them by providing both home and food. Even giant pandas rely on bamboo alone for survival.
The bamboo’s versatility has not only created opportunities for these animals but also us, humans. Its many qualities make it the perfect material for a more sustainable and environment-friendly set of materials for cutleries, houses, and even toothbrushes. The best thing is that it doesn’t feel like settling since the product is excellent in terms of efficiency and quality. It’s like getting the best out of that, and then finding out after that you’re also being kind to the environment while you’re at it. It’s simply awesome!
Going green
N-amboo is one for the books. It is a classic bamboo toothbrush that will give you an excellent start every morning. As well it should since it’s a very good product. To top its performance level abilities, it’s also eco-friendly. This means you get to brush your teeth in peace and without an ounce of guilt. What an attractive toothbrush!
Think of it this way—why fill up landfills with plastic toothbrushes when you don’t have to? Let us all help save the environment by making sustainable and environment-friendly decisions about our dental and oral health. So, check out this N-amboo toothbrush instead of buying another plastic manual toothbrush. If you do, you are assured of a quality product that is not only effective and comfortable but also eco-friendly. It is guaranteed to keep your mouth fresh for a long time and save the world at the same time!