Do you change your toothpaste often? If you are like most people, you likely have been using a particular type of toothpaste for a long time. While there is nothing wrong with this, there may be a need to switch things up. For example, if you recently developed some oral issues like sensitive teeth, you may need to change your present toothpaste. 

Making the big decision to try another toothpaste may not be easy for you. In fact, you may be wondering if you will find something better than the one you are using. Well, the truth is that there is a lot of high-quality toothpaste on the market. You just have to do a little digging to find them. 

If you aren’t sure if you should change your toothpaste or not, this article is for you. Read on to learn some telltale signs that you should try a new toothpaste brand.  

Tell Tale signs that you should change your toothpaste

Change your toothpaste if you are experiencing a severe form of chapped lips

See, not every toothpaste on the market will be good for you. Some may contain ingredients that you may be allergic to. So, if your lips are inflamed and chapped, chances are, you are allergic to the flavorings (peppermint and spearmint) or other ingredients like sodium benzoate. If you are presently experiencing cheilitis (severely chapped lips), you should pay close attention to the label of the toothpaste before purchasing it. And if it happens to contain any ingredient you are allergic to, you should avoid it. 

Change your toothpaste if your gums are swollen or bleeding 

A recent survey found that 90% percent of people experience bleeding gums. One of the main causes of this is irritation. Note that the toothpaste you use can determine if your gum will be swollen or bleed. If your toothpaste happens to contain ingredients that you are allergic to, you may experience everything from soreness, painful tongue, peeling lips, and rash (around your mouth). If you are experiencing any of these issues, you should consider changing your toothpaste and toothbrush

Your present toothpaste isn’t addressing your oral needs 

Most of the toothpaste on the market is made to address a specific issue. While there are some that can whiten the teeth and control tartar, there are others that can reduce sensitivity and control cavities. Having a clear picture of the dental issues you are facing will help you determine the right toothpaste to buy 

Texture and flavo

If you don’t like the flavor and texture of your present toothpaste, you aren’t going to enjoy brushing your teeth. In fact, you may even miss brushing your teeth every now and then. When this happens, your oral health will be affected negatively. A simple way to turn this around and start enjoying brushing your teeth is to opt for a new toothpaste. 

Change your toothpaste if you are experiencing teeth Sensitivity 

Did you recently start experiencing a painful sensation each time you drink or eat hot or cold food and drinks? If yes, chances are, your enamel may be damaged. According to dentists, enamel damage can cause temperature sensitivity. An effective way to address this issue is to switch to a toothpaste that can help reduce sensitivity. 

Final note 

Changing your toothpaste is a simple way to resolve many oral conditions. If you have been experiencing everything from tenderness to sensitivity, you should consider trying a new toothpaste. To narrow down the best toothpaste for your needs you may need to consult your dentist.